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About Us

The Social Space featured on the OG Female Badass Tour

What is Persp8ctives by 8th Wave?

Persp8ctives by 8th Wave was sparked from a conversation about what it really means to Rediscover Singapore, not just in terms of finding new places to visit or activities to do, but to think from a different perspective, to see not just the black and white, but to acknowledge the existence of grey areas too.

How are tours by Persp8ctives by 8th Wave different from the others?

Our tours are specifically curated and designed to be insightful. They explore alternative perspectives to stimulate thoughtful and meaningful conversations, straying away from the common tour narratives and style of storytelling, to see the untold side of Singapore not just in retrospect, but by putting the past into context and comparing with today.

Social elements are at the heart of what we do and a big part of our storytelling. At the same time, we also hope to use our Persp8ctives platform to feature local communities and businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic and integrate them into our tours.