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Everything You Need to Know About the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers

House of Tan Teng Niah by Lezlie (Flickr)
House of Tan Teng Niah, Photo by: Lezlie

You’ve probably heard about the SingaporeRediscovers vouchers, but what are they? How to use them? Where can they be used? We answer all of these questions in this article!


What are the SingaporeRediscovers vouchers?

To boost the local tourism industry which was badly impacted by the pandemic, the Singapore Government has set aside $320million in credits to encourage Singaporeans to rediscover the city and to support our local tourism business.

Who is eligible to get these vouchers?

Each eligible Singapore citizen (aged 18 and above) will receive $100 worth of SingaporeRediscovers vouchers (SRV). The vouchers are in denominations of $10 (10 x $10). 

Subsidised tour and attraction tickets (up to $10 off per ticket) are available for child/youth tickets under the age of 18. It can be purchased by all adult Singaporeans for their younger relatives - up to a maximum of 6 subsidised tickets. 

The catch? The adult must:

  • State his/her familial relationship (i.e. parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other relatives and legal guardians) with the child or youth 
  • Declare child/youth’s NRIC number on the SRV portal (coming soon)
  • Must have at least $10 left in the SRV balance.
Tour Nanyang Rojak Attraction B Attraction C

Adult Ticket

1 x $75  2 x $20 2 x $25
Youth Ticket 1 x $65 0 1 x $20
Child Ticket 1 x $55 1 x $10 1 x $15
Total Price $195 $50 $85
Minor Subsidy $20 $10 $20

Total SRV Amount Used

(Minor Subsidy + Cost of Adult tickets)


(assuming you use $10 x 9 worth of vouchers)
$50 $70
Total Payable with Cash $105 $0 $15
Left $10 in SRV with a quota of 1 minor ticket
Left $50 in SRV with a quota of 5 minor tickets
Left $50 in SRV with a quota of 4 minor tickets


 What is the validity of the vouchers?

They can be redeemed from 1 Dec 2020 to 30 June 2021.


What can they be used or cannot be used for?

1) Hotels

  • Must include at least one overnight stay (not applicable for wedding or event packages)
  • Can be used for retail & F&B ONLY if they are part of the package bought 
Eligible for SRV Redemption Not Eligible for SRV Redemption
Work From Hotel booking with an overnight stay
Work From Hotel / Day-cation with NO overnight stay
Normal staycation with overnight stay  To offset the overnight stays under any wedding or event packages
Staycation package + Dinner for 2 at hotel Dinner for 2 at hotel ONLY

2) Tours

  • Vouchers cannot be used for self-guided tours, virtual tours and in-house tours unless they are a part of the main tour
  • Yes, all tours under Persp8ctives are eligible for SRV redemption (discount codes are not stackable with SRV)

Main tour definition (by Singapore Tourism Board): Any visit to one or more places or points of interest in Singapore, where the participants of the visit are provided live or pre-recorded commentary during the visit and are accompanied by an individual who is not a participant of the visit (e.g. tourist guide). 

Eligible for SRV Redemption Not Eligible for SRV Redemption
The OG Female Badass Tour
Tea appreciation workshop ONLY
The OG Female Badass Tour + Tea appreciation workshop  


3) Attractions

  • Only applicable for single-entry admission tickets and any in-house tours/activities bundled with the single admission tickets
Eligible for SRV Redemption Not Eligible for SRV Redemption
Single entry admission
Special Exhibition (inside the premise) ONLY
Single entry admission + Special Exhibition (inside the premise)  


4) Others

  • The SingapoRediscovers vouchers cannot be used to purchase any form of cash vouchers, membership programmes, annual passes or recurring workshops, services or classes (e.g. beauty packages, multi-session cooking class)

You can find a list of available merchants here.

*Tours under Persp8ctives is operated by our parent company, 8th Wave Pte Ltd.


Which platforms can I use them on?

Eligible products will be marked with “Eligible for SingapoRediscovers Vouchers” or the SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers icon. Staycations, attraction and tour tickets can be booked on the following platforms:

Here is the confusing part - Staycations, attractions and tour tickets can also be booked on individual merchant’s website IF payments are facilitated using payment gateways provided by the booking platforms above. 

Tours by Persp8ctives will be available on Klook, Global Tix and on our own website. Our SRV redemption platform will be facilitated by Global Tix. We will be updating on how to redeem the vouchers on our website soon!

Update: The redemption of SRV Vouchers will only be available on our website in mid-December. If you'll like to use your SRV Vouchers to purchase our tours, please head to Klook or Global Tix. 


Can the vouchers be used all at once? 

Yes. You can decide on the amount to redeem for each purchase. Do note that the vouchers come in denominations of $10 and any unused value in a voucher will be forfeited.

E.g. You buy an attraction ticket at $12 and you use $20 worth of vouchers. The remaining $8 will be forfeited. Instead, you can use $10 worth of vouchers and top up $2 with cash.


Are they refundable? 

They are not refundable. However, you may contact the booking partner to request a date or product change, subject to their respective terms and conditions.


Are the vouchers transferable?

No, they are not transferable. However, you may purchase an eligible product using your vouchers and transfer the product to another person, subject to the Terms & Conditions of the individual merchants.

*Merchants referring to specific hotels, attractions and tour operators - i.e. Persp8ctives is considered the merchant, not Klook.


Can the vouchers be combined with other people’s vouchers?

No, vouchers from different people cannot be combined for the same redemption.



How do I redeem the vouchers?

It can be redeemed both online and physically. A letter will be sent to all eligible Singapore citizens by 1 Dec 2020, with information about the redemption process. The letter will indicate the online booking platforms that Singaporeans can use to redeem the vouchers and the locations of the physical counters.

SingPass will be required to redeem the vouchers, so do sign up for SingPass account if you do not have one, and help your less digital savvy family members and friends!

For a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your vouchers, refer to this video.

Physical Redemptions

If you need help redeeming your vouchers or to set up a SingPass account, authorised booking partners will be able to provide assistance at their physical counters. A list of their locations can be found here

Before you head down to a physical counter, it is recommended that you decide on the package beforehand and note the booking platform offering that particular package. This is because each physical counter can only facilitate bookings for packages that it offers.

E.g. Tour package A under Changi Recommends will not be available for booking at a Global Tix booth, unless Global Tix also offers that same particular tour.


For more information, you can refer to this link.